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Grant Announcement 2018-2019

B’nai B’rith Educators Unit, Charter No. 5290 is funding grants, up to $1000.00, in support of the instructional program at schools. The purpose is to provide students with opportunities and/or materials not available within the confines of school budgets. This can include, but is not inclusive of, trips, bus rentals, admission fees, special projects, theater programs, enrichment activities, guest speakers, etc. All grants should foster the teaching of tolerance, diversity, equity, inclusivity and personal and group positive relations.

Applicants should complete the application form using Microsoft Word and email the completed form to Betty Klear, bgklear@gmail.com, for review by our grant committee. Applications should be submitted no later than December 1, 2018 and are intended for this school year only. Notification of awards will be made by email to applicant and administrator.

Grants may be partially or fully funded as determined by the grant committee. Each applicant will be responsible to submit receipts for monies spent and to submit samples of before and after activities within two weeks following the trip, project end, etc. but no later than May 1, 2019.


                    GRANTS AWARDED 2017-2018

It is the goal of B'nai B'rith Educators to provide opportunities for student activities that are not covered by a school's budget and provides unique opportunities for students to learn beyond and in keeping with the curriculum. In keeping with this goal, the Grant Committee is pleased to announce funding for the following grants to schools:

  • Carver High School - Diary of Anne Frank Production at People's Light Theater                 

Students in seventh grade have been reading texts that highlight the experience of children around the world who are caught up in war, gender based violence and racism. Students will attend a multi racial cast presentation of the The Diary of Anne Frank at the People's Light Theater and participate in a Socratic Seminar following the presentation to discuss themes that emerge in the play. The grant covers the cost of buses.

  • Solis-Cohen Elementary School - Social/Physical/Community Activity for our Autistic Support Students

A Social/Physical/Community Activity is a special trip for all of the school's Autistic Support Students. The students will have an opportunity to visit a specially designed children's gym to aid children with sensory processing disorders. The grant covers the cost of buses and admission for one trip. 

  • Greenberg School  - American Revolutionary Museum Trip

The fourth grade is studying about the American Revolution.  Visiting the museum would give the students the opportunity to tour and see artifacts from this period in America's history. A museum program, Through There Eyes, introduces students to the major causes and events of this time period through the eyes of 18 common men, women and children who lived through it. The grant covers the cost of admission and partial payment towards buses.

  • World Affairs Council of Philadelphia Liaison to Bodine High School for International Affairs - 36th Annual International Day                          

International Day brings Bodine's entire student body, faculty, and both family and community members together to celebrate the school's diversity in an educational setting.  For the 2017-18 academic year, the Council seeks to deepen the academic integrity of International Day by providing essential resources for student-led workshops and reincorporating professional cultural groups from the Philadelphia-area, allowing the student body to more deeply examine a range of issues and values  The grant funds offset the costs of materials needed to supplement the content in student-led workshops and to provide honorariums for professionals from various organizations to conduct workshops. 

  • Greenberg School - From Farm to Classroom

The trip will promote healthy eating habits in a fun and educational setting.  The students will have the opportunity to gain experience through the knowledge and expertise of local farmers. The goal of the trip is for students to be able to connect the lessons learned in the classroom with an farm experience. The grant will fund the cost of buses.