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Wednesday October 31, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

Like you, I am extremely upset, shocked and saddened by the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue, in Pittsburg this past Saturday. We join our fellow Jews in mourning the victims and extend our prayers and sympathy to their friends and family. It is very sad that in our present day, 11 people lost their lives while practicing their basic freedoms that this country was built on. It is unimaginable that Jewish worshipers could be gunned down in their synagogue in 2018 in the United States. For the Holocaust survivors of our community, the memories that these horrific acts evoke are especially painful. This incident has broken all our hearts and left many of us feeling helpless and concerned as to what we can do.

As educators and members of B'nai B'rith Educators Unit, we work everyday with the belief that education can make a difference. We support students and educators, as we work to create a world where all minorities can live with respect and without fear. Our unit has provided grants to schools to promote understanding and tolerance. This practice continues, providing education to students of all race and religions.

As we move to action, we ask everyone to commit to building a world led by compassion and knowledge. I have attached a list of some ideas to help you as we continue our work to ensure that the world that we live in is not controlled by the anti-Semitism and hate that we have seen too frequently in the past. Together, we can ensure this is a reality and demonstrate strength through positive actions.


At our next Executive Board meeting, I plan to request that the Board agrees to make a donation to the Tree of Life Synagogue in blessed memory of the 11 who were struck down for the simple reason of being Jewish and practicing their religious beliefs.


Please feel free to contact me at or 215-805-3284, if you have any questions or concerns.


Together we can strive to move forward using our strength, faith and beliefs.



Judith Gerben Lundy


Judith Gerben Lundy

President, B'nai B'rith Educators Unit # 5290